2020 MacBook Air vs 2019 13” Pro – Best Budget MacBook?

With a Quad-Core i5 and new keyboard is the 2020 Air now the best MacBook for most? Make it with Squarespace! Get 10% off your first purchase of a website …


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  2. Anyone experience with cooling pad? If the thermals and performance Are better?

  3. i dont hear eny difference in the audio in botuh computer

  4. How would 16 RAM MacBook Air perform with heavier 4K rendering?

  5. Max, thanks for providing us with this detailed comparison as always! I was wondering if it's worth upgrading the new Air with an i7 and 16GB RAM for moderate photo/video editing/gaming?

  6. Hello, is it true that the macbook air 2020 has overheating problems and reaches very high temperatures even doing the most basic things on the mac? I am undecided whether to buy or this or ipad pro 2020 for home use, therefore the internet, email, documents, game, video … But at the same time I would like to buy a device that will last me even over the years since I am not willing to change it. What can you recommend? Thank you.

  7. That Heaven bench mark makes me cringe. No one is going to allow 10fps while gaming. So why test with extreme? When most people would probably use medium graphics with either machine? I'd like to know how they heat up while getting at least 60fps.

  8. 13:39 You mean MacBook Air

  9. A very good review, crisp and to the point.

  10. I love the content, but the music in the background is driving me crazy.

  11. My Macbook Pro with touchbar from 2017 didn’t show a P3 display color logo so I went into my settings and changed it to P3 and the logo became visible. (The Macbook was set to Color LCD as the default.)

  12. Can the MBA 2020 i5/8gb handle hundreds/thousands pages of Word, PDF files and about 10 tabs of Safari open?

  13. I really like in depth videos like these. Keep it up 👍🏿

  14. Camera wise Air looked better, probably due to Intel new graphics. But, the microphone in pro sounded better.

  15. Nice vid bruh keep going the good job !!!! what app do you use to test CPU temperature?

  16. Would be good to see how the MBA performs with davinci resolve with egpu

  17. i don't know why you have 231k subscribers only even thought youre better than most reviewers

  18. It’s obvious any intel 10th gen would be faster than an 8th gen.

  19. Two errors in there.
    At 13.20 u say “MBA fans are idling “ when you meant MBP.
    At 13.40 u say “MBP is twice as slow” when u meant MBA.
    Maybe throw some text on screen to correct and you’ll be fine.

  20. Could you please redo the performance tests with both macbooks plugged to AC? Is there any difference to them running on battery?

  21. The read and write speeds are faster on my MacBook Pro 2015 base model. And the 2015 MBA!

  22. What's with the big ass touchpad? They couldve just put touchscreen

  23. Thank you for the video and testing! This is good insight. I would like to suggest that for gaming you run some real world test as certainly for a general reference this is fine but really hard to have an idea of performance what so ever gaming. Some games are more cpu intensive, some not, you can also clamp FPS as well which reduces the load on the chip etc. I thought the video was helpful but really wish you covered some actual games with a description of settings. Thanks!

  24. It’s the 4th review and comparison about the 2020 MacBook Air I come across and it lacks, just like all the others, one freaking benchmark test everyone seems to forget about: SSD R/W speeds. I’d like to know how the 2020 model was improved over the 2019 one and how it compares to the current 13” MacBook Pro.

  25. I've had my 2019 MacBook Pro for half a year now. Don't have any keyboard issues yet. This is probably the best version of the butterfly keyboard.

  26. It would be great to see that the MBP 2020 gonna be 100$ less (or at the same price)
    Because the MBA as not enough power for certain student (development) and the MBP16 is too expensive for these students
    So having a MBP2020 that is not too pricey would be appreciated

  27. Super interesting I like how you gave us the information organisation And so good 😍😍😍🧐 Keep going and I keep Watching you for the good information in your show 😇

  28. sir i truly like your comparison video, it's detail, and quick, thank you as always for make video like this

  29. Correction: at 13:36 the MacBook Pro is not twice as slow as the MacBook Air. It is twice (2x) as fast.

  30. Whats the point of the comparison? A base 2019 13" thats in reality the same architecture as it was in 2017 vs a processor 2 generations newer, ram that uses a much faster more power efficient DDR4 interface with much better latency and 1500mhz faster clock speed. All teamed with a faster SSD. It's obvious that the newer architecture will dominate.

    I'm not surprised the benches show massive disparity and as for the single core comparison to the 12 core mac Pro I'm not surprised either, its die design is meant for multi core applications and has unsurprisingly poor single core performance, how did the multi core performance look vs the Air? Almost verging on sound bite/ click bait territory there Max.

  31. budget?

  32. 13:38 macbook air**

  33. They both have a very bad value for graphics and intensive tasks…

  34. How does this compare to the Surface Laptop 3 i5 version!! I'm considering to buy MBA 2020 i5 or SL3 i5. Please help TT thank you!

  35. i5 and i7 do not get you the same exact graphics. The i7 Iris Plus is clocked at 1100 MHz compared to 1050 MHz of i5.

  36. Could you test the Thermals on the new iPad Pro 2020? Apple is saying that they have improved the thermal design. I struggle on the 3gen 2018, that it gets hot and dims the display with ex Lightroom when I’m doing heavy editing with selective edits on large RAW files  (Sony a7iii)

  37. Thank you this vid help a lot.

  38. Hello 🙂 maybe I didn't understand properly (sorry i'm french) but you talking about another video test with encoding in 4k, where is this video ?? I am very interested by that. Thanks a lot 🙂 You're doing an amazing job 😀

  39. Should i sell my mpb 1499 model and get the new mbp which is likely to be coming this summer?

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