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Bỗng Dưng Muốn Khóc (Suddenly I Wanna Cry) OST – Minh Thư

English: “Suddenly, I wanna cry”, A drama about a very cute love story (still airing in VietNam). Song We belong together sang by Minh Thu. Very cute main actress 😉 If I have time, I might do english subs for this drama. We’ll see… ^_^

Tiếng Việt: “Bỗng Dưng Muốn Khóc”, Một bộ phim về một chuyện tình thiệc là dễ thương mà becu đang theo dõi (đang chiếu tại VN). Bài hát Ta Thuộc Về Nhau do Minh Thư hát. Cô bé diễn viên nữ chính dễ thương ác thiệc [^_^]

Lời Nhạc (Lyrics):
Mình bên nhau bao lâu thời gian trôi
Mà đôi tim vẫn cứ thẹn thùng, vẫn cứ ngại ngùng
Hãy nắm tay em đi hỡi anh
Hãy nói yêu em không đắn đo
Ta thuộc về nhau rồi sẽ không kìa xa trọn đời
Hãy nhắm đôi mi trao chiếc hôn
Hãy lắng tai nghe tim thiết tha
Ta thuộc về nhau rồi sẽ không lìa xa mãi mãi.

tra la la…….
Mình bên nhau bao lâu thời gian trôi
Mà đôi tim vẫn cứ thẹn thùng, vẫn cứ ngại ngùng
Hãy nói yêu em không đắn đo
Ta thuộc về nhau rồi sẽ không kìa xa trọn đời
Hãy nhắm đôi mi trao chiếc hôn
Hãy lắng tai nghe tim thiết tha
Ta thuộc về nhau rồi sẽ không lìa xa mãi mãi
Hãy nắm tay em đi hỡi anh
Hãy nói yêu em không đắn đo
Ta thuộc về nhau rồi sẽ không kìa xa trọn đời
Hãy nhắm đôi mi trao chiếc hôn
Hãy lắng tai nghe tim thiết tha
Ta thuộc về nhau và sẽ không lìa xa mãi mãi.

Enjoy 🙂

Nguồn: https://mogivn.com

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  1. 1 bộ phim 1 vài bài hát gắn liền với mối tình ngây thơ trong sáng ôi nhớ quá mỗi lần nghe lại ký ức lại hồi về tràn về dữ dội mong được 1 lần về lại ngày xưa 1 lần được xem lại lần đầu một mỗi tình xưa nhớ quá . Nhớ

  2. Nho qua

  3. nghe không thấy chán

  4. @_@

  5. lau roi khon nghe.pj h nghe lai cung xuc dong that!

  6. I love this and ngoi nha Hanh phuc which is hilariously tied to this movie!!! People who like this should watch Ngoi Nha Hanh Phuc

  7. 4 năm rồi mà k có phần 2 sao trời

  8. bai hat hay ahahaha thuong thuong nghe nhac han quoc a… ahhaha gio bghe nhac que huong hay hay~~

  9. @hanagal505 plz do eng subs 4 this drama, blue sky subbing team stopped and im hooked!! 🙂 I need ep 2 part 2 and on

  10. I love this movie really good movie and i heard that they r going to make Bỗng Dưng Muốn Khóc 2

  11. Great viet movie ever

  12. AY gUys dO yoU know whAT iS thE sONg…At thE pARt..thAT bAo nAm gOes tO lAm dONG tO finD hIs deAd pAreNTs..thE pArt thAT tHE xE O^m dRivEs hiM uP tO thE hiLL…..thE sONg thAT sinG bY thE oLD mAn vOIce..thE lYricS..Are "mat troi la 1 goc bong toi noi toi da ve nhin qua o cua" cAn yOU tELL mE pleAse…i wANt tO liSteN tO thAT soNG sO muCH

  13. e lyric la, Va se khong ROI xa mai mai! chu ko phai lia xa dau!

  14. zay moi la phim chu haha

  15. lol and hes short.. and he looks funny.. im guessing hes great with kids xD

  16. wooooooow i love that song and the song "bong dung muon khoc"!!!
    and the film is soooo suuper!!!
    he's so cute!
    but she's pretty, too..
    wow i've never watched such a lovely film!!

  17. ahhh- i ove this drama so much!*___* best viet drama since a long time<3

  18. I Found it, The Name of the song during the credit roll is:
    Lam Truong – Minh Thu – Giay Phut Nay

  19. Does anyone know the song of the credits of each episode? I want that song! =[

  20. she is sooo sute and pretty..^^nice hair too

  21. i usually not a big fan of vietnamese song but i love this song and the actual drama it was funny as heck!

  22. this so far is the best vietnamese, no the best drama I've ever seen.
    the thing i love about it is it's realistic, with a little comedy and heart break it's a little bit of everything just perfect

  23. HellBoy?
    If you have a problem with Vietnamese Drama then don't watch it.
    No one telling you to watch it. I personal like this movie so don't say shit. People just trying to make a living and vringing something into this entertainment world.
    So SHUT UP!

  24. LOL yeah, back then I watched Korean dramas. They were really romantic and such, but I couldn't really feel with them, because that wasn't my culture, it didn't feel close to me. I loved Viet dramas because they felt so close to me, but many of them were kind of "old-fashioned". But recently, there were lots of good dramas on VTV4 and such. I love them.

  25. din that

  26. film nay dien vien con dong guong. wa' giong nhu ko dc tu nhien cho lam.. anyway film vn vay la dc lam rui` …

  27. the recent modern ones are really good apparently. my family moved from korean drama bak to viet drama LOL

  28. i always thought vietnamese dramas were boring… but i was wrong some of them are very interesting and really good. From now on i still won't watch "phim tao" but i will try to look for other ones like this =)

  29. sorry, i'm very busy lately. hope you can find someone else to work on this project. bring the Vietnamese drama to the world 🙂

  30. hey becublog, i was thinking of doing sub for this drama too, cuz it's too good.. i want a lot of people to watch it… do you want to do it together?

  31. yes, i believe he is current being a journalist or reporter actually. nice job, i wonder if he's gonna switch to being an actor…

  32. he used to be a reporter i believe ;d . ..

  33. yes! i laughed a lot. very cute plot although sometime a bit annoying with Truc's voice ;d

  34. There's a lot more. One I recommend is "Tuyet Nhiet Do'i" cung do Manh Hai do'ng luon a'. Enjoy!

  35. good for you 🙂

  36. yeah it would be perfect if they did that
    I heard rumors that they were rushing because they wanted to move on to another new project or so…
    still I'm really impressed with Luong Manh Hai's acting since he wasn't trained as an actor…

  37. good drama eh ^^ not much vietnamese movies good like this one..

  38. LOL don't worry about that^^
    I already finished the whole series, I'm surprised about myself as well:))
    It's addictive
    But I don't really like how it led to the end, don't you think it's a bit too fast? They could've gone more in depth in Nam's anger at Truc and how both of them struggled in that one month, not only Truc. And it seemed to me that Nam accepted the truth that his parents and everybody deceived him for such a long time so easily.
    Anyways, it's a really good drama overall.

  39. uh, ông đó đóng phim cũng khá. 2 người này thiệt là hợp với nhau 🙂

  40. no, i'm not arguing with you or anything. ^.^
    i just watched the last episode. don't worry, not gonna say anything. i'll let you enjoy the surprised ending. 🙂 so sad, it's ended 🙁 .. ..don't know what to watch next…haha.
    i really like this drama. gonna buy the whole set when they came out. ^_^
    i'm gonna post about this drama in my blog. drop by and share your thoughts 🙂

  41. oh my bad, i meant Luong Manh Hai in my previous comment.

  42. of course i do, it's just the fact that personally, i think vietnamese movies and dramas usually suck.
    it doesn't mean that i don't have any pride if i don't like viet dramas or whatever.
    you can disagree with me. i don't mind that. i have my own opinion, and so does everyone else.
    i almost finished this whole drama, it's beyond my expectation. both Tang Thanh Ha and Le Manh Hai surprised me, even other actors and actresses also.
    Really hope to see more of dramas like this in the future.

  43. why not? have some Viet pride eh? 😉

  44. oh i think she starred in an Acnes commercial, pretty cute:)) I hope she's a good actress. Never put much hope in Vietnamese movies/ dramas….

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