BREAKING: Euro 2020 has been POSTPONED until 2021! | Sky Sports News


Sky Sports News confirm that Euro 2020 has been postponed by UEFA until 2021.

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  1. I think that's the right call for both UEFA and CONMEBOL to push their major tournaments to summer 2021.

    It's going be one awesome summer in association football/soccer in 2021: UEFA Euro and CONMEBOL Copa America to start it off and have the CONCACAF Gold Cup finish it off.

    As for the UEFA women's Euro, push it to 2022.

  2. prem football in the summer it is then

  3. Why can't the leagues play behind closed doors

  4. This year sucks in 2020 My schedule is ruined:
    My trip to the Philippines got pushed till 2021 meaning I will miss Euro2020 and The Suicide Squad.

  5. I got a ticket to the final. I am planning to use the trip as my graduation trip.

  6. 2021-Euro
    2022-World Cup

  7. No loss. No problem. No football. Yippee

  8. As long as Leeds go up

  9. if the Clubs are more important they might as well abolish the Euro's completely like they did with the confederations cup

  10. thanks god, EPL would not cancel and Liverpool can win EPL this year

  11. 2020 a year to forget! EVERYTHING cancelled or closed! Unbelievable unforgettable!!! 2021 surely better!???

  12. This is all because of the Chinese. Eating bloody bats and snakes. Shame.

  13. Nice

  14. Liverpool are still winning the league. If chapionship is going to be played prem will too i'm sure

  15. Won't be playing 'Stop crying your heart out' till 2021 now

  16. Another year to wait for Rep of Ireland not to qualify.

  17. Why is rugby still been played? It should be all sporting events surely?

  18. We need significantly to restrict the movement of people, coming from the worlds biggest disease breeder-China, otherwise any major sporting event will be under question!

  19. 0:14 Smash Hit The Rider 2021

  20. This is all AGENDA 21…the New World order, we are getting cleansed by the government elite bankers

  21. Ok people, if you're into football, time to take a break for some years.

  22. Does this mean the World Cup will go back a year too

  23. Uefa made this virus to stop liverpool winnin the league factssas

  24. This Coronavirus is Getting on My Last Nerves I Want This Virus Completely Destroyed We Want Our UEFA Euro 2020 Back on Schedule on June 12th To July 12th Write The President of Europe a Strong Letter To Make Him Change His Mind That We Demand Our UEFA Euro 2020 Back on Schedule We Are Not Letting This Coronavirus Ruining Everything 📝✉️📮

  25. It’s gonna be a very boring summer !!!!

  26. Who cares, Leeds are going up going up Leeds are going up

  27. What about Euro 2024? Is that still on in 2024 or will it be pushed back to keep a 4 year gap between competitions

  28. Summer is ruined because of the Chinese and their filthy hygiene habits.

  29. Good for England with all the injuries

  30. Hitc sports and seven is where am at fr now…

  31. We Demand That The UEFA 2020 Will Be Back on Schedule on June 12 To July 12 2020 We Don't Need a Postpone We Want To See Some Soccer Once This Coronavirus is Gone

  32. Shock horror

  33. Think about the good part, more time to train to actually get to the Euros.

  34. Don’t even think karius can catch this

  35. Enough time for Harry Kane to get injured again by overplaying and coming back too soon from an injury. Sweet.

  36. 2020 is gunna be a blast, said no one

  37. When you could have put "The Euro's have been postponed to 2021"as the title but you are a dumbfuck

  38. This is crap. Sky should pay people back. Or be closed down.

  39. Thanks mate, I'm crying.

  40. That mean ronaldo will be older lol

  41. This is pathetic! Its basically man flu ffs!! Man up and get a grip you absolute whoppers.

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