Bruno Fernandes 2019 ● Amazing Skills & Goals | HD

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Bruno Fernandes 2019 ● Amazing Skills & Goals | HD
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  1. For everyone looking for the song name :-
    Tonight – Lundh and John Becker.
    Thank me by liking the comment 😂

  2. Song???

  3. É tipo o Everton Ribeiro daqui!

  4. Fantastic hope he will be able to handle the premiere league


  6. Penalty is copy of Jorginho

  7. He's insane !!!

  8. Ну все ждём в юнайтед ⚽🥇🏆

  9. Shoot Power 99 🤪

  10. nonce

  11. Man United got a good player

  12. welcome to united!!!!!

  13. ManU lads give a like #GGMU 🔥🔥

  14. Bruno fernandes welcome to manchester united

  15. Welcome to the theatre of dreams

  16. Welcome to MU

  17. Welcome to utd!

  18. Lingard ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  19. still mesut ozil is far better

  20. Aaaaand, he is a red! United just officially confirmed him😀. Looking forward to see him at the theatre of dreams. #GGMU

  21. Welcome to united

  22. Who else is here after Manchester United announced his signing ⚽⚽🥰

  23. Got good powerful foot. Plays well with weak foot as well

  24. Welcome ManUnited!!!

  25. Hope this goes through…. imagine him Pogba and mctominay

  26. Welcome to Bercelona

  27. Not good skill

  28. Welcome to united please

  29. Too skinny for Premiere league ..

  30. his old?

  31. Welcome BF, to the RED DEVILS.

  32. Man United fans show this video to know Who's Bruno? Hehe 2020

  33. every player before going to man utd 80-85. at man utd 40-50. leaves man utd 70-90. pls stop ruining good players man utd!!!

  34. Unique way of coverting penalty but funny and effective to deceive the goalies

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