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Celebrities Japanese Women Want to Sleep With Most

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Japanese women magazines regularly conduct surveys asking Japanese women what celebrities they want to sleep with most. Yes, they ask specifically ones they want to sleep with and I think it’s an interesting way to show the kind of men who are sexy among Japanese women.

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  1. Can I say I would love to sleep with Shuta Sueyoshi. He's the most cutest and handsome man in the world for me not only in Japan 😘😘

  2. What's wrong with that last guy? Maybe if I had more information is understand

  3. Poor Tanaka though, he actually seem to be a nice guy. And didn't know Degawa was so hated?

  4. Notice how all the most disliked are comedians, and the most liked are very serious and at best subtle with their humor. This goes in contrast with what they say they want most in a man "fun or funny". Case for ad hoc could be made, however this seems to be accurate in reality with "funny men" mostly almost all ending up in the friendzone side as entertainment material. Point is, women don't know what they want.

  5. Yes yes, Yuzuru is lovely 😁😁 But the fourth guy (forget his name already and I've never heard of him either. So sorry 🙏🏻), it's very handsome. And Johnny, well no comment needed 😏😏

  6. Biologically🤣

  7. Hanyu is my #1 crush bro. I have posters everywhere in my room lol

  8. No Keanu Reeves? What is this shit?

  9. No blacks huh

  10. Nothing compares to Kimutaku. He's so handsome.

  11. Ugh yuzuru hanyu is stunning🖤 I'm gonna start using that.😭 "I just can't. Biologically."

  12. How about Hyde?

  13. Johnny has the perfect rockstar look so I cant blame em.

  14. After I watch notte stellata of Yuzuru Hanyu I think he's an angel that I cant touch

  15. Can you go around the street in Japan and ask people about Yuzuru Hanyu?

  16. Yuzuru Hanyu ❤️👍

  17. Actually make sense Jhony Depp.
    At least 3 of them has this "I don't care" vibe that Jhony Depp also has.

  18. As a guy, Yuzuru Hanyu is probably my favorite. What I wouldn't give for a night with him…

  19. Having that kind of "who you want to sleep with the least" list in a magazine sounds a little bit mean.

  20. Hahahaha how great that I know all the disliked people. Seen all of them in gaki no tsukai

  21. I new Kimura Takuya will be on this list. He is BAE.

  22. Not Yuzuru, he's too pure 😂😂😂

  23. Johnny Depp and Takumi Saitoh can get it 😩💦

  24. 1. Handsome
    2. Beautifull
    3. Handsome
    4. Handsome
    5. Handsome

  25. Johnny Depp randomly placed among japanese men.

  26. why are you pimping the women in your country bruh ? just why

  27. "I can't, biologically" that's fucked up, dam.


  29. Well, even though I’m not woman, I have to say I think you are quite attractive, Yuta. And you’re accent is just so adorable. ☺️

  30. Hey, Yuta. You don't know how long I've wanted you to mention Yuzuru Hanyu (lol, wasn't expecting it in a video like this xD)
    I don't think you've done it already (but correct me if I'm wrong), could you ask people on the streets on who's their favourite athlete?
    PS Yuzuru Hanyu has a lot of foreign fans – who would also like to sleep w him, lol. Everyone get in line :,)

  31. They're so mean.


  32. unsubscribed. bye-bye

  33. Johnny Depp? he's 55 years old now lol. Maybe the girls with a father complex

  34. Well, I find Yuta very sexy.

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