Coronavirus: Boris Johnson has tested positive for coronavirus @BBC News – BBC

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Britain’s PM Boris Johnson is self-isolating but not stepping back from his duties for the time being. He posted this message on Twitter, saying he can continue to ‘lead the national fightback’ from home.

BBC News Special | Coronavirus Daily Update UK PM | BBC

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  2. I upvoted this for the fact that he has the virus.

  3. Why all factorys is not close my family is home protect them self but if I have to work if factory because I can't work from home it's not possible but I work with soo many people every day how can I protect my self if I get the virus automatically my family get it how crazy this gov is and
    Something for Boris it just lie that's u get the viris

  4. I wish him a speedy recovery.

  5. Should have worn a letter box boris

  6. Best wishes Boris.

  7. Tsk only sang happy birthday once

  8. This is obviously complete bullshit. Great job by the make up ladies.

  9. OH THE KILLER VIRUS & Boris is on SKYPE, WORKING FROM HOME & ratting from home.


  10. stupid and ignorant politicians are the best sidekicks of the virus.

  11. he did'nt cough once.>>

  12. Is it natural to blink so much?

  13. Corona dont ask address

  14. China Virus ❌
    Italy Virus ✅

    Check out CGTN Channel. Corona Virus was originated from Italy. not China!!!!
    All Italian should aplogize for spreading the Corona Virus!! and Pay us for the economical losses!
    What a shameful Country. We give Italy masks and supplies but All they give is Corona and Rumor!!!!! disgusting!

  15. Don't worry, Boris. Gallon in day keep the doctor away.

  16. Boris Johnson isn’t infected with Coronavirus…Coronavirus is infected with Boris Johnson

  17. another ‘mild case’ with a persistent cough but doesn’t actually cough once.

  18. Everytime I go to look at replays Boris peeks at me like this

  19. If he dies, his tombstone should read 'Took it on the chin'.

  20. Nobody respects you

  21. Boris: wash your hands like me then you wont get the coronavirus

    Boris: has coronavirus

  22. You ain't be washing your hands bruv bruv

  23. Well done boris

  24. Man we are using this as entertainment

  25. Havent seen the video yet but there are many spoilers

  26. Just survive

  27. Boris, don't be a plonker all your life, lol!

  28. No wonder many expats from UK were in tears to get back to their countries as they say the health case system in Uk is A JOKE and have no money to treat ! Why is UK being like this ? Putting the health and safety of people least priority than economy

  29. He doesn't wash his hands cos of work

  30. Bring us up to speed on this

  31. Annoying

  32. Look unto Jesus you will be heal.

  33. Creates a YouTube video in his Primark (nearly bankrupt) suit reassuring the nation.

    – Booze … loads of it – off-camera
    – Few take-aways (on expenses) – off-camera
    – Boxer shorts and T-shirt – off-camera
    – Put the heating on full blast… his red face says it all
    – Get his body guards to queue up and get his shopping whilst 'social distancing'
    – Figure out how to get a decent haircut without leaving the house and being spotted

    … I could go on… but this has gone way beyond a joke now if people (hopefully) can see past this madness

  34. Idiot wasn't acting fast enough, and now after HE got infected, he wants everybody to stay at home.


  35. I hope you stay well Boris we need you !!

  36. Well if this is living proof of some one with CVD 19 why the fu*k is the world on lockdown. Control the sheeple and NWO.

  37. Very sport president very sport.
    Now what you thinking about Coronavirus?

  38. Looks like he had a bosh on the posh. He'll be fine in a week.

  39. He is not exiting from this one

  40. Why should we follow any advice from him about how not to get Corona 🤔🤷‍♂️🤦‍♀️

  41. And not a bit of a chofe lol

  42. Bbc😀..full channel only swa rest of world..but all 4 fingur kept himself😀😀

  43. https://youtu.be/2FcwpFsaZrQ

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