Chuyển dữ liệu từ iphone sang máy tính-tieng lao tieng viet

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  1. next up, how to make a banana tree!!!

    Step one: tape banana to tree, Now you're done!!!!

  2. Hi

  3. 5 minute crafts has taken OVER, MARKO DONT GO TOWARDS THE LIGHT!!!!!!!!!

    un sub to 5 minute crafts plz

  4. Fist to comment

  5. Yo that first shirt was kinda dope

  6. You should make a custom cola bottle just for fun

  7. 6:40 the most scared sound.

  8. i love how awkwardly witty he is lol

  9. Will you be my boyfriend? … thought i could at least ask

  10. marko: have fun playing with your balls
    also marko:oh..ahhh……..OMG

  11. 4:23 wow that really is a banana tree 🌳

  12. 3:00 Marko 🤦🏼‍♂️

  13. Marko: i’m not gonna swim because it’s 1 degree I don’t want to freeze my buns off

  14. Do you actually have a banana tree

  15. To mark can u hook me up with some coustom jordans i were a size 8 thanks if you read

  16. You are not doing this right, and this is gonna stain your table. This is relating too the part when you did the tie-die thing, so ya! : /

  17. Can you paint the wood on your porch plz 🙁


  19. “Have fun playing with your balls- oh- oh no”

  20. i want to have a shoes just for my so n

  21. Hi

  22. "hope you have fun playing w/ your BALLS." LOL

  23. Dope

  24. That stuff looks pretty good 💜

  25. Do more cooking

  26. No ones going talk bout the thumbnail 💀

  27. Como que eu vim parar aqui? Kkkk mas gostei do vídeo não intendi mas gostei 🌎🇧🇷

  28. I did it

  29. s

  30. s

  31. s

  32. Marko, you're a cool guy

  33. s

  34. what is this transparent spray

  35. Banana tree
    I actually thought that was a thing we he said he had one
    I’m so stupid

  36. Marko should totally start an asmr channel it would be so funny like if you want him to! Marko plz give me a shoutout

  37. 2:03 gotcha
    I saw ur hair

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