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Essential PH-1 In 2019! (Still Worth It?) (Review)

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The Essential Phone 1 came out in 2017, so how does it hold up in 2019? Let’s find out!

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  1. Can i customize the app drawer to scroll horizontally, not vertically?

  2. brother need your opinion!
    Which phone is better in 2020
    Lg V30 vs Essential Phone 1?

  3. I get my pH 1 $105. Running Android 10 the first day roll out and all the latest updates rocking it no case and it's still beautiful gd review

  4. Hey can you tell me more about the headphone jack?…LOL!

  5. For long-term use having an IPS vs an (AM)OLED display is a huge advantage. OLED technology has an inherent issue in that it develops image burn-in over time, with how bad it is depending how much you use the display for or if you have any area(s) of the display showing a static image like the navigation and notification/status areas. If you look at used phones that use (AM)OLED displays like a lot of Samsung's, LG's V-series and Google's Pixels you'll see it is very common that they're being sold very cheap for that very issue and in most cases there is absolutely nothing you can do about it, and I know this from experience having owned a Nexus 6 for over 2 years.

    That plus the fact this has a very healthy 128GB of internal storage coupled with a flagship-level processor in the Snapdragon 835 and received a day one update to Android 10 make it a must-buy if you're looking for a phone in the $100-150 price range.

  6. I'm watching this video on my Essential Ph1 running Android 10 and it's amazing. Everything about this device has improved and that's also including the cameras. The Essential Ph1 is a Pixel 3 XL in disguise and can still hold it's own against these newer phones in 2019.

  7. I have this phone and I absolutely love it. It outperformed my galaxy s8, I do miss my headphones jack, but the Bluetooth is more than realiable for me. Runs all my games in amazing quality, all day battery,.

  8. Meanwhile, The Essential Phone has Android 10 aka 'Q' and that Super Super Cool!! 🙂

  9. You should definitely polish the models you're reviewing

  10. you left out something thats most important. The Essential PH-1 is a modder's phone. It's built to be rooted.

  11. I put this phone display beside the iPhone XR since they are both ips and wow the iPhone XR looked like shit with its pixelated display

  12. you can download android Q on playstore, but beta version.

  13. voice just like barking

  14. 4GB 128GB for under $150, yes yes

  15. I also just bought this phone today brand new for $139

  16. This phone would out perform any iPhone. Your take on this phone is fucking retarded. This phone is not a mid- ranger at all. People that won't buy this phone because of not so good camera is fucking retarded. I buy a phone to use it and I rarely take pictures

  17. It's a great phone and great in 2019 still, just to show how good they are and smart, you can even download Q beta from play store. How much simpler can you get. Google and Essential have a good relationship.
    When and if essential 2 comes out, it's a definite buy. But even now this phone is excellent.

  18. my son's new BLU Vivo 8, fairly new still on android 7 with March 2018 security patch. The essential phone has 5th version update of android 9.0 and May 2019 security update and it's older than my sons vivo 8.

  19. excellent phone, do the updates, and your set. it has ip54 rating, but, i don't take showers with my phones, i'm able to disconnect and cut the cord.

  20. i paid $319 CAD for mine

  21. I just put Android Q beta 3 on my Essential PH1 and everything runs so buttery smooth. Just go to the Google Play Store, download the Essential Q Beta app and then follow the instructions. This beautiful phone just keeps on giving and I'm so happy to own it.

  22. I read it is getting beta q now. Am I correct? I am curious

  23. U Should do GTA San Andreas on ur vids thats would make me happy 😂

  24. The back is not glass. It's ceramic.

  25. No headphone jack? Worthless.

  26. make essential ph1 pubg gameplay.. no on make it

  27. The Sim card slot is on the bottom right of the phone

  28. Use asphalt 9 or pubg it will show it's full power

  29. cmon, it costs the same as a budget phone, of course it worths it!

  30. Just grabbed one for $150+tax on Amazon warehouse. Unbeatable deal.

  31. This phone is come from future.

  32. There's not a mid ranger at the Essentials current price point that's even close. You're getting a SD835, 4GB ram, 128GB of storage all in a premium package. Not to mention the level of support the device still has. This device will be on Android Q while the LG flagship of the same year is till on Oreo.

  33. sending this comment on my PH-1

  34. Play pubg now

  35. Good phone, but it’s quite buggy… well mine is.

  36. Do you know how to the 3x3s in the background? Or are they just a piece for display? Pb?

  37. I've had my essential for almost 1 year and still really love it. Awesome for the $300 I payed for it

  38. play clash royale of course

  39. There is no Essential PH2 that's a fact. Performance of the handset is overall great for the price it can be had now used. Add the google apk and the camera is pretty decent but not leading but more than adequate, in fact I have a lot of great shots. Quality of phone is excellent. Gets updates fast as Pixel, this phone is super solid and well worth it 2019. I have a LG G7 ThinQ as well ,picked it up used w 64gb and 4gb ram. I don't like it as much as the PH1 because it's got a bunch of crap on it u can't get rid of unless you root. I really prefer the pure Google type ecosystem like One Plus and Essential or Pixel. Don't give me a bunch of crap on the phone.

  40. I bought it for $200 new. Great deal.

  41. There isn't a headphone jack lol just thought I'd point that out cuz you said there was one but you need a type-c headphone adaptor 🙂 and they are expensive!

  42. Use the 3D game called "Bleach Brave Souls"

  43. You can't get this phone out of my hands. Love it.

  44. In 2017? No.
    In 2018? Maybe.
    In 2019? Sure.

  45. Essential phone will get android Q..

  46. NBA 2K19 should be your new "heavy" game

  47. 2:28 There is NO headphone jack.

  48. There are downsides to this phone, but considering you can buy one for $220, it's definitely worth it.

    Stock Android, and Android pie. Constant updates, I've had tons of updates since I got it. And when support does end, flash the ROM. Everyone is saying it's laggy, but it's really not. This phone is very smooth with stock Android+ sd835.

    If I were to buy the phone, buy it used off of Amazon for only $220. It's basically like new, just 80% battery life left is what Amazon says (which this thing never dies). Bought mine and there wasn't a scratch on it. The build quality is amazing, and it's durable.

  49. Test PUBG

  50. play gangstar vegas lol

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