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Essential Phone PH-1 | Halo Gray Unboxing


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  1. I'm in the 8 dollar club i just change the skin!

  2. it's a plain-ass looking phone, but damN!

  3. so was it just a color change in the back or was the material (ceramic) changed too?

  4. I ordered a used (like new supposedly) one for $274 I think, I was gonna buy a new one for $309 but the price jumped up $50 due to having low stock

  5. The white is very beautiful. Sucks that it's almost $100 more than the halo grey, right now. How's the camera? Are there any differences between the white and grey, besides the color?

  6. You made a 6 min review video and only showed the back of the phone…

  7. I'm going to get one pretty soon Jwill

  8. can someone help clarify this. isnt the halo gray (along with the other colors) constructed differently (better) to address the issues the black one had? i am pretty sure it has something to do with the earpiece or something. could be wrong

  9. So so mad I missed this. I need a new phone so bad.

  10. How long it takes to charge your phone from 0 to 100

  11. Forbes confirmed that Essential is still going forward with making the PH-2.
    Article was updated August 17th, 2018!

  12. Essential Phone is the best looking smart phone
    change my mind

  13. Good vid. Just randomly discovered you. I like your style. You got yourself a new subscriber.

  14. What about camera after all updates

  15. Crap, I just bought one today at $309. Maybe i should cancel before it arrives & wait for another sale…

  16. My Essential Phone got wet and died. And I missed the sale to pick up a new one. Let me know if you are going to sell one of the ones you have. 🙂

  17. How to get it at these prices??? Please help

  18. I bought this for $224 too. But wasn't a fan of the screen stutter and the tough screen issues – really irritated me to no end. Couldn't take it.

    Not sure if it is just the one phone that I got, or if it is just me. Can some one please comment on this? Are all PH-1s like this or is it just mine/me?

  19. I picked my up fairly new off of OfferUp for $160. Moonlight black with minimal scratches. Coming from a V30 I don't really regret it. Really want to keep the beautiful ceramic showing but don't want to risk scratches

  20. Please sell it to me … because I tried to buy it and I couldn’t

  21. Man, I don't want to be rude but your video had absolutely no added value, you did not have a value proposition in your video.

  22. I wouldn't be mad if they upgrade to to snapdragon 845 keep the same ram same memory upgrade camera and send it one out looking the exact same

  23. $220!

  24. J Will which phone do you prefer Essential or Axon 7?

  25. Essential Phone 2👍👍👍

  26. I'm part of the "Less than $150" club. I don't recall the exact price. I bought it from Sprint during their Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale last year, I have the Black model. It was something like $140, which included the 360 camera. One of the best purchases I've ever made.

    To make it even better, I only had Sprint because of their "free year of Unlimited" — I was paying about $3 a month for their unlimited service. If the right "fire sale" comes along at the right time, I'd love to get one of the White phones.

  27. In less than a year this phone went from $700 to $500 to $400 to apparently $220.

  28. Should I get it for $309 right now? It has been at that for a while now.

  29. great deal……i got the same one too. But i am having issue with signal strength and wifi connectivity. Signal strength is fluctuating and wifi is disconnecting frequently. Are you facing the same issue Williams??????

  30. Sell me one jay! You have way too many good phones on your hands. #iwanttheessentialphone

  31. I highly doubt Essential is going to release any thing else. Company is for sale..

  32. May I say POCO

  33. Hey J Will do you recommend that someone looking to upgrade purchase the Essential or wait for a Pixel 3, given that the specs are already known?

  34. Got for 224 using in total wireless just a tip if you use the phone in this carrier turn off lte and put global mode in network and got 4 g lte + .

  35. Beautiful looking device

  36. Love to buy your White if not using!!

  37. I am from U.K. I ordered two for the same price as yours. But unfortunately they cancelled my one order, when I spoke to them, they said they had received over 11K orders. So to fulfil the demand, they were not taking more than 1 order per customer.

  38. From where should i buy it

  39. Awesome vedio

  40. I like the simplicity I got one for free by trade. I did trade for an Iphone 6S Plus about a 7 months ago. I must I admit I miss it

  41. Coming from a 2013 moto X, I am not convinced the camera on this one is good enough even after so many updates. Definitely buy it for other things, NOT the camera or you will regret it. I almost did when it was $399. Beautiful phone. There is a reason why it's that cheap. The Moto X's story is exactly the same as Essential phones IMO. Manufactured in Fort Worth,TX. Originally $580 but the camera was a disaster. When I bought it the price was $220. Love the form factor, buttery smooth OS with always listening feature but camera updates wasn't enough to save this phone. Pictures were washed out and not consistent, forget trying to take low light shots. After using it for 4 years, I decided that camera is the top 2 criteria for a phone and bought an S8 with some credits from BestBuy at $340. Rest assured that I will be taking more pictures and videos for years to come!

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