Kinh Doanh

Essential Phone ph2 introduction!

Contact for work/business:

Gear Used: (affiliate links)

Canon 200D:

Ashanks 31″ motorized Glider:

Rode NT1A:

Neewer Nw-6 Vocal Booth:

P.c setup setup:

Ryzen 3900x

ryzen 3800x

Asus Prime X570 pro

NZXT H500i

Samsung 970 evo 500GB

Cooler Master MWE 650 Gold Full Modular, 80+ Gold Certified

OLD PC BUILD ryzen 2700x!

Ryzen 2700x:

Cooler Master Cooler:

Gigabyte AORUS AX370:

Corsair LL120RGB coolers:

Ballistix Sport LT 8GB DDR4 2666mhz:

Seagate 6TB ironWolf Hard Drive:

music used during reviews and unboxing:



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  1. Rubin, hire this man!

  2. Can they please make this phone…Has he seen this video????

  3. I want to learn how to make concepts

  4. Hopefully one day you will make a tutorial video about how to create beautiful concept phone… Beautiful work.

  5. I have a suggestion, instead of making the visual concept be the main object of your videos, use it as a tool to discuss rumored specs, possible innovations of the design, release dates and so on. It would make an even more interesting and appealing video in my opinion. Great job anyway!

  6. Just saw YT unsubbed me…. just subbed back again.

  7. This phone looks like more iphone then orginal iPhone

  8. I like this new format with the commentary. Great design as well!

  9. Why is the first Essential phone iPhone SE and the iPad pro the only ones with this design I really wish someone would make it similar to this or MKBHD's 2019 dream phone WHY MUST THEY ALL BE CURVED EDGES

  10. Great work as always, Jermaine! 👌🏻

  11. As awesome as that looks there is zero chance of a PH-2 ever being realized. ZEEEERRRROOOOOOO!!! And I say this as a current Essential Phone User. The Ocean Depths edition, to be exact.

    This is life. Essential failed. It was a disastrous launch that should be taught on in business classes across America.

  12. Amazing

  13. Thank you for all this work, I really appreciate it.

  14. Hmm.. Why do these videos have much less views than the older ones??

  15. Woow👌👌💪😍😍

  16. This is amazing!

  17. That animation of parts coming out from phone was awesome

  18. Trash phone. One Plus 7 Pro for life

  19. Excellent work! Good idea adding the commentary.

  20. If they're making a new phone, and it'll look remotely like your concept, and it has a headphone jack (and decent cameras, which was a weak point on the original), I'm sure to buy one. By the way: awesome concept, nice job man!

  21. How's it possible that Essential have updated the Essential phone to Android 10

  22. Can you make a concept on a laptop from the future

  23. Fantabulous
    Will work with you someday

  24. Love the Concept!! So crazy how much effort you put into each one of your videos!

  25. Amazing ! As always !

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