HIỆN TƯỢNG KÌ THÚ [ TẬP 1] Cả đêm đón chờ siêu trăng khổng lồ vào 0 giờ 48' ngày 10.03.2020

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  1. If I had MS Project, I wouldn't be here trying to find a conversion video, grrr. Why is this video still online when it has such poor ratings?

  2. Delete this video already !

  3. ehow not to

  4. The video was not helpful nor useful. The "Technician" clearly didn't explain the error when exporting the data first time round, hence going back to untick the tasks, the output is not better than a cut/paste of the data straight into excel. I would have expected either a view to export the project so that the timeline is exported as filled colour blocks, or how to create a map.

  5. Useless video. Does not help at all.

  6. Helpful for exporting data only. The outputted data looks nothing like the data in Project. I think most people here are looking for a way to output the data such that it looks just like what they see in project, but without the equations, etc.

  7. This could not be any less helpful. If you want to be helpful: Create a new map – that's probably what your audience is trying to do if they are looking this up.

  8. How can I convert from Excel to Project?
      Please advise

  9. Worst. there is no helpful information in this video

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