How to download Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 1 compressed for Pc in 1.4 GB Windows 10/8/7

Hi there guys
You can install codmw in just 1.4 GB

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Make sure that your PC has WinRAR pre installed
If not link for WinRAR:
Select English 32/64bit

Please watch the video carefully for password


Please Subscribe and don’t skip the video

……..Thank you………


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  1. Dear subscribers
    dll errors are common in PCs
    To fix that try downloading and installing that particular missing dll file

  2. I love you bro! It WORKSSS!

  3. Bro please cod 2 v lao👍👍

  4. Can u make video on codmv 2

  5. i hope you will get your dream subscribers. your the best. thank you soooooo much 🙂

  6. I was lucky my uncle gave me this game directly from his pc… I am trying to find highly compressed for mw2

  7. Can anyone scan if there are virus

  8. I have no idea why am I watching this cuz I have already downloaded cod 4 which was of 6.63gb

  9. Bro in your link , the button download here to download game is showing to many ads and not downloading any game file . Why? Solve plz ,I want to play that , machane plz

  10. the password is wrong. What is the password?

  11. Bro download pathilaye stop ayiduchu bro

  12. i have downloaded but for extracting its asking me for a password and you please tell me the password?

  13. Does it works on window 8 64 bit

  14. can anyone help me in how to add multiplayer in this?

  15. Please change the link of game
    Mega link isn't working.

  16. Bro please tell what are of specs of PC

  17. bro thanks it worked thanks

  18. Bro is this free??

  19. Remastered or original?

  20. Is it multiplayer

  21. Subbed for heart & like

  22. wtf is frikin work thanks i want to play this 5 years old and now i can playyy yesss thxx

  23. Multiplayer is not working

  24. hey thanks but i don't found cod multiplayer i just found singleplayer

  25. Can I play online?

  26. data1/2/3 has corrupted someone help?

  27. max out your volume at 2:03 theres a hidden message

  28. does multiplayer work bhai.??? pls tell me?? i want to play with friends bhai

  29. Bro its saying error of unarc.dll error code 14 and i know this is thw worse error i know any help please bro fast

  30. Do you have another website faster to download except mega please

  31. thank you so much for this 💕 downloaded this as a gift to my bro and he loved it

  32. the gane is good but why I cant hear them talking?

  33. Can play multiplayer but the enemy are bots????

  34. it Worked Thnaks men your the Best Downloader ever….!i subscribed and liked

  35. Have online??

  36. Bro can I play multiplayer on it please reply fast

  37. Thanks you! It's helping me out so i can make a call of duty content 😀

  38. Thanks you! It's helping me out so i can make a call of duty content 😀

  39. Can you please provide any other link rather than Mega, like Google drive link… Please…

  40. they said problem decompressed data??

  41. If I have a missing dll and I download it where will I put it?

  42. wow working

  43. No mega link please

  44. Does this really work
    Is there any virus?

  45. Bro does it have multiplayer aswell??

  46. Win 7 64 bit???

  47. where's the link ??

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