Introducing iPhone 12 Flip — Apple

iPhone 12 Flip Introducing video 2020 — Apple. All-new iPhone 12 Flip is Finally HERE with Triple Camera + LiDAR Scanner and Innovative Flip display.

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This concept was created by iOS BETA News # Exclusively to CONCEPTSIPHONE!

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  1. iPhone 12 Flip Trailer is HERE! We are now with 355,000+ SUBSCRIBERS! Thank you so much guys!
    Kind Regards,
    Ran Avni from ConceptsiPhone.
    SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=conceptsiphone

  2. Bro stop giving apple next ideas bro I'm planning on getting the real purple one in September if apple see this they will make ifold not 12

  3. I’m pretty sure there gonna be saving this concept after their finished with updating and perfecting the stove lens in like 3-4 years

  4. How much ?

  5. Song is good but phone is NOT good design

  6. Motorola imitators

  7. Fake

  8. woooo

  9. Appleにそんな技術ない

  10. Keep https://youtu.be/PIJhWpeQbRI

  11. If it will communicator flip
    It will oscam

  12. Name of song please?

  13. The front camera?????

  14. How can I get one

  15. Its not the Apple IPhone 12 Flip.


  16. Gross

  17. How do you put on a screen protector?

  18. No thanks

  19. Never gonna happened this stupid design from apple..

  20. Am I the only one wondering if there real, Are they??

  21. I hope a lot people just realize it's an concept made by someone that isn't associated with Apple

  22. Samsung ka ghorl

  23. Shiiid we still not gone be able to flip it down like a n o k I a 😔

  24. idk bout that, it dont look right

  25. Now I can flip my phone to hang up on my girlfriend like the old days.. in stylee BD

  26. oho hoh

  27. i don’t see iphone doing this

  28. 😂😂😂😂. That is so Apple stealing Samsung idea and also a hole punch camera on iphone that's like the worst fake ever

  29. This is literally the Galaxy Z Flip with an apple skin on it.

  30. But I just got iPhone 11

  31. Unun this ain’t it✌🏽

  32. F. A. K. E.!

  33. F. A. K. E.!

  34. Guess y'all don't know about the new Motorola Razr.

  35. Es más falso que el iPhone 20

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