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Kitten Is Shocked That His Mom Is Going To Be Jailed For 3 Years, Because.. | Kritter Klub

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How would you feel if you find out that your mom turns out to be a criminal…but cute LOL



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  1. The identity of a nasty thief is finally caught! Will the thief be punished by endless kisses and rubs?! XD
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  2. ได้โปรดอย่ามำร้ายแมวนะคะ คุณร่ำรวยขนาดนั้น ฉันไม่ร่ำรวยอะไรยังเก็บมาเลี้ยงตอนนี้ 4. ตัว เจ้าของเอามาที้งขยะ. มาขออาศัยกิน และแม่แมวขับไล่ค่ะ

  3. 3:07 R.I.P he got it :d

  4. А его рил посадили",_,?

  5. Its catwomans pet ok?

  6. Must I looking for "How to be a cat?"
    No need to works, pay the bills,.. Be fat and everyone will love you more… And can be forgiven whatever you do… 😂😂

  7. 🐈😘

  8. I wanna meet the one who wrote the subtitles I-

  9. Hihi purradise

  10. leave the cat alone
    she/he just want to give some foods to the kittens

  11. I hope anyone not punish the cat like that …

  12. Korean and Turkish and we in this Chanel love 🐱🐱🐱🐱

  13. ajjajaja que gato traviesa

  14. cuteeeeeeeeeeeeee

  15. this made my day!!!😂😂😂

  16. Shall desex the cats to avoid stray cats in the future, though they are so cute.

  17. What sound they make while talking sounds like monkey

  18. 3:03 Game over music accompanied with the Giraffe Lord Lee Gwangsoo's leitmotif


  19. 💗💗💗💗💗

  20. Kritter klub ❤❤😍😍😍 tou apaixonada por esse canal e os seus trabalhos , que tenha mais pessoas como vocês no mundo , fazendo por esses pequeninos animais indefesos ❤👏👏👏👏

  21. This is better with subtitles 😂

  22. Thank you for your kindness. It will be a good lesson to those who treat cats with cruelty whether stray or pet.💜

  23. Free Goods 😂😂

  24. That cat should be electrified then BBQ and feed to the bugs 😂

  25. hahahahahahaha…she can break in my house any time. Ill make sure i have some food ready for her and the kids.

  26. Mama is a genius of thief gangsta

  27. The cats are very cute…
    But, the title of this video seems a bullshit…nobody is going to the jail.

  28. All I could say is that that mother cat is very smart.

  29. I'm confused, are they going to keep letting the cat in to the store or block the entries? They didn't say anything about how they'll stop the cats.

  30. bu komik başlık yazısını kim yazıyor 😂😂

  31. 😘😘😘😘😘

  32. Quand j'ai vue que il y en avait 2, j'étais en train de mourir de rire 😂😂

  33. This criminal is so cute.

  34. so cute kkkkk

  35. XD so cuteeee thief

  36. Aww so 😘😘😘cute & lovely😍😍😍

  37. Aww so 😘😘😘cute & lovely😍😍😍

  38. Total clickbait but cute!

  39. Update: cat started a company doing evaluation and certification of restaurants.

  40. 😂😂😂😍

  41. O the cat is so cute

  42. Dasar golongn orang ornag yang jahat

  43. Dasar orang yang tidak tahu malu andaikan dia jadi kucing😈😬😠😡

  44. Weil… kritter klub 🤦‍♀️

  45. This video made me realize the translation for this channel is the best

  46. I need to half a chat with whoever writes the captions, it’s perfect

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