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What better way to spend your time than watching lesbians react to LGBT ships??? You guys have requested this for such a long time and hopefully we didn’t disappoint (we probably did). Thank you for bringing these new ships into our lives… lesbihonest we’re still reeling over Lexa.
Comment below what you’d like us to react to next!




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  1. You just missed the most Importanz and best couple of all! Avalance!!!!!

  2. I got to the 100 where they’re reacting to Clexa, and I literally got a notification from Netflix saying “Pick up where you left off watching The 100.” WHAT

  3. yall shouldve react to choni's first kiss💔

  4. choni😭❤💯💯💯

  5. HAHAHAHAH I love you guys so much

  6. Holly and Paige Videos always make me smile,love u girls,🥰🥰

  7. wayhaught is the best tho how could you,,, also you should react to hollstein and kadena next time.

  8. Motherland fort saleAm new ahow

  9. Those shows were too obvious, the only one I recognise was the one with the girl cop..

  10. I love your channel and love you both ! As a trans woman of the LBGT community could you address why Lesbian and gay men are accepted But why Trans women are still not ? Just your thoughts ? As a trans woman in my community i have attended LBGT events and its full of Lesbian and Gay men and every time i find I'm shunned and set to the side ? I really value your thoughts on this.

  11. I would like to take this time to say Wynonna Earp is my favorite show its so gay the straight characters are more likely to die off pls watch it 10/10 recommend

  12. I literally cried for bea and ally

  13. Watch motherland: fort Salem!!! Please it’s so amazing! The main relationship is a lesbian relationship, it flips gender roles, normalizes sex, has great actors, cinematography, and it’s just sooo good

  14. Yo, you guys should watch Motherland Fort Salem. One of the best lesbian ships on that show honestly 😍

  15. 👏👏👍💜💜 I don't have to say much I agree with both of you ladies I really like this the way you entertain us that was real good do some more I have a question I would like your opinion about Nicole Conn movies in particular the last one just came out

  16. You should watch Motherland: Fort Salem, there’s a lesbian couple ship name Raylla but the story line is amazing on its own

  17. Yano, there are HUGE "conspiracy theories" going on right now about a possible Lexa appearance in the new season because of this anomaly etc etc. I have to admit, I too am literally praying for Lexa's return from the death and I feel like a crazy clown for it but hey, sorry not sorry. 🙂 😀

  18. Keep laughing, keep reacting,keep well,keep smiling.sending good wishes to both of you from bonnie Scotland.

  19. You really need to watch Wynonna Earp for Wayhaught. It is one of the best representations I’ve seen and both actresses are members of our community, so that helps too! I’m pretty sure The 100 ended after the love scene and they lived happily ever after. It is all my brain will allow me to believe!!

  20. Aahahah I understood in the beginning: ''I'm Gay and I'm Holly'' ups

  21. Watch "feel good" best series ever but season 2 is taking too long

  22. Even their horses are lovers 😂😂

  23. You have to react to Hollstein from Carmilla and Cophine from Orphan Black !!! 😭❤️❤️

  24. motherland Fort Salem next please. Realle and Scylla

  25. Its been a long time
    And now i saw the clip of bea scene
    Here we go again my heart broken

  26. The Super Girl one is not an LGBTQ relationship, no matter how much people want it to be lol. Neither Super Girl nor Lena Luther are gay. However, the show did make Supergirl’s badass of a sister agent Alex Danvers gay so you should check her ship with officer Maggie 😉

  27. okay but you kind of skipped over the only good scene in Riverdale, where Cheryl comes out

  28. I'm still not over Clexa tbh

  29. you should react to catradora !

  30. when lexa died I almost stopped watching the show

  31. I m sorry but it annoys me so much that they got these videos where like half of the story was cut out. Like what?? Izzie and Casey weren't friends before they where enemys and then bacame friends, then there was trouble and then they had a relationship.

    But whatever I won't complain because it was a goood video😂👌🏼

  32. Omg!!! You're missing so much context in the short clips from the second two. and fistacuffs is a reference from the runaways which also has couple karolina (rainbow glowing) and Nico (female witch) on Hulu which they are an awesome superhero couple.

  33. Supergirl actually has a lesbian relationship. The ship is called Sanvers. Supergirl’s sister, Alex, is actually the gay one.

  34. Are there any fellow Brittana shippers out there?

  35. I love wentworth and during iso I decided to rewatch, and I had to stop the episode before bea dies because I couldn’t go through that again!!

  36. you should react to s2 of skam spain! beautiful story and performances 😭❤️

  37. WayHaught reaction without the cheerleader outfit scene isn't a full reaction

  38. I’m still not over ballie…😭 and unpopular opinion but cazzie annoys me so much..izzie was just a bully and caseys boyfriend Evan deserved to be treated better

  39. clexa.. aw man yes sir

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