Liverpool 2-3 Atletico Madrid reaction: They lost because of Adrian! – Nicol | Champions League

Liverpool’s hopes of defending their Champions League title were ended as they fell to a stunning 3-2 defeat to Atletico Madrid. ESPN FC’s Steve Nicol and Alejandro Moreno recap a breathless match at Anfield and delve in what went wrong for Jurgen Klopp’s team. Nicol places the blame directly at the feet of Liverpool goalkeeper Adrian and exclaims “that’s why you spend millions on a keeper!”

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  1. They only talk about IF IF IF Liverpool chances ended up goals, should but binocular steve take off your spectacles. How about tons of Atletico Madrid gold chances???

  2. 4:29 That awkward silence from Nicol when he had nothing to say 😂.

  3. my mom wouldve saved all those 3 goals from atlético….

  4. Liverpool shoots in first match at Madrid :BIG ZEROOOOO That's why Atlético won . And guess who was the goalkeeper Exactly Allíson. In the second match Adrian didnt received goal in 90 minutes. Blaming Adrian is just for bad salty losers.

  5. Restaurant: any allergies?

    LiVARpool: the Madrids .

  6. They lost because their striker can't find the goal

  7. Nicol is brainless…….

  8. If Alison was goalkeeper they would of won but of injury they lost but It’s not Adrians fault

  9. Not only Adrian, also good performance by Atletico.

  10. Didn’t defend well? Only conceded 11 shots ON TARGET and only 1 goal for 90 minutes. Atletico needed 15 minutes to have HALF the amount of shots on target as Liverpool and scored 2

  11. You man.. stop blaming Adrian. It's a lost… We loose … Whole team to blame.. not only him… Stop you shite

  12. And when they lost the first league who’s fault is that ? When they lost against Watford in premier league whose faults is that ? When they lost against Chealse in fa cup whose fault is that?

  13. Poor Adrian. Lol

  14. these dudes are the dumbest "experts" on tv

  15. 70% possession of Liverpool means Jan Oblak is 70% "drilled and Adrian is 70% "undrilled". Don't blame the Goal Keeper. Liverpool have unlucky finishing.

  16. Stevie your wrong yet again, our players should have played well in the first leg with ALLISON in goal so stfu blaming Adrian, I'd expect better from you than to scapegoat our second string keeper

  17. No they lost because they could not score more goals. They dominated the game period, but none of that paid off.

  18. Premier League football is over as well. So no Premiership Champions as well! Ha ha ha 😀
    Maybe next year Liverpool or then again Maybe not?!! 😀 Ha ha ha. Luv it!!

  19. Bring Steven Gerard as Coach.

  20. Ale is Latino right? I thought he should be the one backing Spanish teams, instead he just follows the rest of the crew

  21. Steve “they’re through” Nicol.

  22. That's exactly why they lost, when i saw this goalie, i knew he would through or kick it out to the other side. Has he had a bet?

  23. They always have someone to blame after losing, they just can't accept the defeat and move on.

  24. Oh come on, you wankers…

  25. Livpol lose bcause they dont know how to be champion in champion leaugue

  26. Lol..what he say they lose bcoz of the goalkeeper..are the only player is the goalkeeper..loser always try find an excuse and reason..but if they win something else would come up eg. Nice game..now you feel what barcelona felt last year..comeback is real..

  27. True that

  28. It never felt like a it was 'one of those nights' game, Liverpool were on top, once Andrian did what he did, then whole team, stadium became deflated.

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