MCPE: TOP 5 BEST VEHICLES ADDONS – Minecraft Pocket Edition (Win10, Android, PS4, Xbox)

►The BEST 5 Addons for Minecraft PE of the week are here! We got vehicles covered up this time so to make travel a lot more fun & faster! From sportcars to hover cars, I got all of the best ones in just one video for you! (Episode 2 of TOP 5 Add-ons)

►For more Addons and mods, check out the TOP 5 Playlist!

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  2. hi I new

  3. Do a Ender Dragon,WitherStorm and every single hostile and neutral mob raid

  4. Someone's impersonating you on pe! Their gamertag is jayplayzbe

  5. How to enable it?

  6. Cool

  7. Hello plz like me comment im Rassa
    Hello America

  8. That is timplayz intro

  9. 5:40 Its a Lamborghini Sian

  10. eystreem

  11. Thnx JayPlaysPE I agree this addons are so cool My favorite is the F1 vehicle addon Its very dope

  12. Nice vid and what map are u playing on?

  13. yes yadda yadda

  14. Thanks for this video I love the lamborghini and I been finding good lambo Addons

  15. Omg jplayspe I been searching for top 5 car Addons videos that are new and I found this thx jplayspe. Also I'm FDGodHypers who tried to join the pillager raid event but couldn't join 🙁

  16. I love the plane add-ons

  17. I think I saw u in the hive with a hacker xd

  18. Bro gg I won last round in sw against U xd ❤️ Cyro 30Fps btw

  19. my fri made Lamborghini and Cybertruck ones haha
    gotta go remind him that you reviewed them

  20. Out of all the addons i like the planes add-on so much!!!

  21. No way i was actually looking for a good vehicle addon like 5hrs ago for me and my friend but I didnt find one. Thank you!

  22. Yep gonna make a meme with this. Tokyo drift style.

  23. Hello

  24. Zroooooooooooom

  25. So that's why you wanted a city map… And nice video tho…

  26. which addons should I review on the weekly top 5 addons?
    And turn on notifications to not miss the next one, next saturday! 🙂

  27. Pero que buen video pero a la próxima aslo en español

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