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Nightcore – La Da Dee | Lyrics

Nightcore – La Da Dee | Lyrics
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Music : La Da Dee – Cody Simpson
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▼ Cody Simpson

Artwork by 森倉円

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  1. lada dee lala la doo i am always fill with air not waifus ohhhhhh

  2. 100 likes and i will sing this to my crush

  3. One question….who the girl on the background?

    Tho i love this song,really good nightcore

  4. When i hear the song i think of my ex

  5. Lad da de de lad da do La da de
    There only me , there’s only food~

  6. who is listening to this in 2020

  7. This songs is very very good songs

  8. I like this songs very much

  9. Hi this song of la da Dee is good

  10. Um, why did people even think about hitting the dislike button?!? SHAME ON YOU DISLIKERS! this song is one of the best in my playlist =w=

  11. its very good songs !

  12. Fu

  13. I like meatballs

  14. Like dis song …
    Perfect song love your songs

  15. When I hear nightcore I always feel like there is hope when I have no one to depend on

  16. Deku and her would make a good match

  17. It sounds even better if you put it on 1.25 speed!

  18. Việt Nam đâu rùi cho tui thấy mặt

  19. I love this song ❤️❤️❤️😍

  20. Ram Lovely😍😍😍😍

  21. Nightcore is the best qwq

  22. REM and RAM

  23. hay

  24. Rem and Ram dancing are priceless

  25. 02/01/2020. I still listen to this song and it is still very good.😘

  26. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo❤💕😍🥰😘😊💖✌👍👌😎✔✨✨✨+

  27. kawaiithose people that dance🥰🤣

  28. This picture suites the song perfectly

  29. I feel happy now ☺️☺️☺️

  30. When I hear Nightcore I think that I can be myself and I am on my way and no one will on my way

  31. 👁👅👁 love it 🥰❤️

  32. God this song is catchy as hell, I love it❤

  33. What is the name of anime ?

  34. Cute~
    I love this song

  35. Is rem and ram dancing

  36. La da dee la la de doo I like this song and so do you!

    This song made me closer to my bestie :>
    Nightcore is amazing idc who doubts it x❤️💛💚💙💜

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