One Piece Theory (+956) – The Traitor of Kouzuki Clan!

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  1. Kudos bro, you called it. God-like prediction

  2. What the fuck 😮

  3. Wow brother..u speculated this sooo correctly and i am surprised you did it 6 months before..superb..!!!

  4. You're the GOAT

  5. Well done sir…
    signed some guy 6 months in the future!

  6. This is the last video he posted. Oda obviously had him taken out.

  7. You got some Badass Observation Haki Boiiiii.

  8. Is it okay for me to watch this if I didn't read the manga but only watch the recent ep of One Piece?

  9. where are you, upload more videos

  10. Im having my goosebump idol! It was indeed that Kanjuro is the culprit among the Red Scabbards

  11. The fact there are dislikes is criminal especially after 974

  12. He did it….that son of a bitch did it

  13. You are awesome!

  14. amazing

  15. Hy Oda !!

  16. Oracle indeed

  17. Now this is called perfect observation

  18. I am your new subscriber now bruh.i was here before but i was not subscribing before coz in my mind it won’t happen you’re theory but now i am your new fan bruh i did subscribe coz you hit the exact character for being a traitor in wani arc.

    Congrats bruh.

  19. I feel like my not liking his character style backfired. Sure, the dragon he drew was cute, (and I hadn't thought to link that it was indeed a dragon) but I don't like being prejudice. The guys the biggest clown among them. I never saw this video, maybe it would have swayed me.

    Well done, Pineapple Theorist.

  20. Fucking amazing!

  21. It must have been incredibly satisfying when you realize you were right

  22. genius

  23. 12:25 Which ost is that????

  24. We need more people like u

  25. Holy shit you absolute madman, you got it right!

  26. Ok, take your like

  27. Lol please make more videos I’ve watched a bunch so far just because you were spot on about kanjuro

  28. Hatss off dude…. You have my respect …🔥🔥🔥

  29. Not surprised, how can someone trust a guy who wears makeup?

  30. Dude!!! You figured out the traitor months before the 974 manga!!!!

  31. Did you come from future.?????

  32. Advance observation haki. Oda sensei?

  33. Ya u were right

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