RB Leipzig is on Fire! – 16 Goals in the last 3 Games

More goals than FC Barcelona, Liverpool & Co. in November – the Red Bulls are hungry for goals! ▻ Sub now: Sixteen …


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  1. Why he calls it redbull?

  2. Rb leipzig is a great club

    From indonesian

  3. Nordi Mukiele fan n.1 ❤️

  4. Nr 16 esy

  5. Red bull every where in sport haha

  6. Noice

  7. Beat tottenham I bet on you Rb

  8. warner best counter attacker

  9. this was TIFO talked about, early season game double bonus stimulate all player.

  10. Beautiful offensive football
    Just like ajax last year

  11. They're going to destroy us (spurs fan)

  12. I wanna see timo Werner in real madrid

  13. Last goal was fire…

  14. Germany' s future in safe hands. After Low , Klopp and then Naglesman😀😝😀

  15. Good luck tottenham…

  16. 2019-2020
    When you become fans of wolves and Leipzig

  17. underrated

  18. Forsbergs freekick were amazing! 👏🔥

  19. bayern will soon get this coach.

  20. sabitzer looks like a women with moustache.

  21. Bayern r gonna offer 70mil for Werner

  22. Bayern r gonna offer 70mil for Werner

  23. This is what happend when u have plenty of red bull instead of beer

  24. Germany's Redbull F.C.

  25. They are winning champions league

  26. I think all of them were fantasticcc!

  27. How many of u thought this was a thumbnail

  28. They have so many midfielders

  29. They need to call up the Beast from Austria……he needs a raise.

  30. Couldn't believe when I saw 16 in 3 games…….Red hot form, from all RB Leipzig forwards.

  31. Arsenal need a Manager who can perform revolutionary tactics & bring legacy, i believe Nagelsmann can make it happen

  32. Goodnight Hertha Berlin turn off the lights on your way home 🤣🤣….dude got no chills

  33. Of course it happens when u have this line-up: Gulaski, Halstenberg Upamecano Orban Klostermamn, Forsberg Kampl Demme Nkunku, Timo Sabitzer

  34. I really love this team

  35. When i hear leipzig, i remember dota 2, current event is at there..

  36. Exzellenter Timo Glückwunsch gruße

  37. Seriously Nagelsman is going to be one of the finest coaches Germany has ever produced.

  38. Konrad Laimer. Fav goal

  39. RB Leipzig or Timo Leipzig Werner Fc?😂😂😂😂😂

  40. This team is only 10 years old

  41. Jogando o fino da bola timaço

  42. Tbh Lewa could score more goals in one game by himself

  43. PSG shouldn't have sold/loaned nkunku. He's really really good

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