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Saweetie on Going to USC Before Rap, Meeting Quavo, Rapping For J. Cole + More!

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  1. 😍

  2. She's so smart, paying student loan in her first deal. 👏👏👑
    I will really buy ur Album and download ur stuffs. 😊

  3. Ebro was disrespectful to her skills and talent. Kept on making rude and condescending

  4. Saweetie is so gorgeous and chill…I can see why Quavo loves her !

  5. 👍🏿💎🎧📻🎤❄❄❄❄

  6. She’s from the Bay, that’s where she originates, was born and spent her crucial years growing up. She moved to Sacramento to finish high school doesn’t mean she’s from Sac like that. I’m from Chicago but lived in DC for a bit, doesn’t mean I’m from DC. I’m from Chicago, Originally. She’s very ambitious and certainly is heading in the right direction. I would only say she needs to improve in her look as far as not looking like every other female rapper and practicing on bars. That would make her stand out the most.

  7. Saweetie!!!🥰🥰🥰🥰😍😍😍😍

  8. Big boy is funny as hell

  9. I wanna just eat her damn she fine as fuck‼️🤦🏿‍♂️

  10. Don’t y’all feel like the girls on the side y’all too much laugh too much and annoying asf 😂

  11. I love hearing success stories as well. This was a dope interview… she has good vibes!

  12. WAS IT MAMA.

  13. She sucks idc idc idc

  14. She is sooo pretty and has dope energy! I hope she goes far

  15. Rosa Lee The Saweetie

  16. She got bragging rights..(USC)

  17. Wait why is this chick famous?

  18. The way she carries herself is soo sexy

  19. 11:09 🤔🤔🤔Sooooo everybody just gone call this woman KIA like the car instead of KHIA(KY-AH)???????? Sooo disrespectful. USE THE WOMAN BEAT AND CAN'T EVEN SAY HER NAME RIGHT……SMFH

  20. I wonder was her major music like what was your major

  21. after watching this interview, me and her got a lot in common. lol crazy, shes cool

  22. I want to see a Quavo and Saweetie Collab

  23. shes pretty

  24. Lol bigboy a trip

  25. For her to be so educated like she is, you would think her lyrics would follow.. dont get me wrong she is gorgeous but she should be a female 2 pac, but she sounds like everyone else she needs to stand out more.

  26. My volleyball sister! Go girl. So educated, beautiful. Great job Saweetie's parents!

  27. She is a great artist! Loved seeing her perform in Lincoln. ❄️ Icy Summer

  28. She’s so pretty😍❤️

  29. Her makeup👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼😍

  30. I love when young women promote education.

  31. I’m from New York every time I listen to someone from LA they have a very loud speak voice. I know us folks from the East coast are loud but

  32. Big boy interviews are the Howard Stern hip hop versions. So on point and you learn so much and they always so honest with him.

  33. Goddamn she so fine it hurts to look at her. She's a muthafucking goddess

  34. Swweetie is so f@#@@## DOPE. I love her.

  35. Black ppl have hpv…and lots of stds

  36. I need to see her with out make up

  37. Saweetie 😍😍

  38. Same!!! I listened to BIG BOYS Neighborhood as child!!! And I’m 22 right now

  39. That eye roll at 4:16 got me feeling some type of way, she bad af

  40. She’s so smart omg i love her.

  41. Yall hear saweetie say she don’t care if she beef w Cardi or not

  42. 🤣little brother fourteen pull up he gone serve this workup chicken😑🐙🐛

  43. She is bad yo! But more importantly she's very intelligent. Rock with that alot! Beautiful girl

  44. Why they keep mispronouncing Khia name lol

  45. 15:20 I've noticed ppl been calling her Cardi B.

  46. Yes love my girl Saweetie and just love her aura and personality.

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