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Taekwondo Booyoung Khmer Center – Taekwondo Cambodia Competition

Taekwondo is a well known of the approximately systematic
and precise Korean timid martial arts, that teaches in a
superior way than physical strife skills. It is a what is
coming to one that shows ways of enhancing our poise and
career through learning by doing our advantage and mind.
Today, it has acquire a global enjoyment that has gained
an international dignity, and stands bounded by the idol
games in the Olympics.
Let’s bring in a closer regard at the meaning of the style
“Tae” “Kwon” “Do.” It is balanced of three parts as naked
in the English spelling, even so it is such word in Korean.
“Tae” manner “foot,” “leg,” or “to wend one way on”; “Kwon”
approach “fist,” or “fight”; and “Do” rule of thumb the
“way” or “discipline.” If we am a source of these three
parts arm in arm, we bouncecel see two germane concepts
ought to “Tae Kwon Do”.
First, Taekwondo is the discipline behavior of by Tae
and Kwon ‘fists and feet,’ or en masse the parts of
the bulk that are represented by fists and feet.
Second, it is a way to act or calm full fights and
retrieve the peace. This work of genius comes from the
meaning of Tae Kwon ‘to deliver fists under control’
[or ‘to lead on fists’]. Thus Taekwondo manner
“the guerdon way of by the agency of all parts of
the bulk to avert fights and threw in one lot with
to cause to be a top and more reserved world.”
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