The 2020 iPad Pro Is Official & LOOKS AMAZING!

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The new iPad Pro is FINALLY here and it floats above the new Smart Keyboard! Here’s my initial reaction to the announcement and I also go through the configuration I ordered. Stay tuned for the upcoming review!!

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In the video it shows me ordering “the wrong” keyboard… I should’ve clarified that I plan on getting the new Smart Keyboard when it’s available but it’s not available until May (if we’re lucky) so in the meantime I wanted a keyboard so I’d have at least a complete setup to use which is why I bought the $199 keyboard… I see a lot of comments about this so I just wanted to clarify.

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  1. Sponsored by PaperLike: https://paperlike.com/DT23
    In the video it shows me ordering "the wrong" keyboard… I should've clarified that I plan on getting the new Smart Keyboard when it's available but it's not available until May (if we're lucky) so in the meantime I wanted a keyboard so I'd have at least a complete setup to use which is why I bought the $199 keyboard… I see a lot of comments about this so I just wanted to clarify.
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  2. After using zoom and google meet for the past two weeks, the floating keyboard would be really nice as well as the pass through charging. After using the Magic Trackpad 2 with iPadOS 13.4, the trackpad is a game changer, especially using Google Drive on Safari (without the apps). I prefer the web based versions to the iPad app versions.

    In terms of the keyboard to order, it says that the keyboard is compatible with the 2018 iPad, but do I just order that one and have a larger hole for the where the 2020 camera would be?

    Also, it seems like early estimates 2020 iPad Pro is not really that big of an improvement over the 2018 iPad Pro. I don’t really use the camera all that much so it’s not that big of a deal to me. I will say with iPadOS 13.4 and the new keyboard, I am tempted to upgrade to the 12.9” iPad Pro – the big question will be do I go with a 2018 reduced price version or the 2020 new one?

  3. I love my iPad Pro but I can’t call it a computer replacement until it supports Flash player

  4. I really hate those who are saying this keyboard is over priced.
    1. Find a keyboard designed for a table with the table floating on top of your keyboard.
    2. Find a keyboard that magnetically connect to your tablet and stay steady won’t fall
    3. Find a keyboard that have a type c charging port built into the hinge.
    4. Find a keyboard that feels like good and have a backlight.
    5. Find a keyboard that have a trackpad
    6. Find a keyboard that fit your iPad / tablet flawlessly.
    Even matching on of those condition is hard, but this keyboard matches all.

    Even have a Apple logo on it😂

  5. So, will it work with the first generation magic trackpad when the oficial release of IOS 13.4 comes out?

  6. At this point time here in Europe the money is better used buying toilet rolls and food !
    COVID-19 sounds nasty ..
    Take care everyone.

  7. Based on the looks wouldn’t apple be able to “easily” add wireless charging on iPad, I mean how is pass through chargin working, is it through the smart connector? If it is then they could use that as a wireless charging method ???? I hope this makes sense 😕 Although this iPad is amazing, apple is keeping so much good tech, the already have, from us. Edit : I am not saying this iPad is bad it is AMAZING, it’s just sad how much better it could be!

  8. I just ordered it. Hopefully I won't find any issues.

  9. can you make a video or explain in the comments of how you use side car?

  10. That wasn’t the magic keyboard! You chose the smart keyboard. Add $150 to that total.

  11. Apple stupid fan boy 🤮

  12. How do we think the new keyboard will hold up on the lap?

  13. how do you end up selling your electronics when you're upgrading? I definitely want to upgrade but I just bought my ipad in september. great video!

  14. The keyboard you added was the Smart Keyboard. The Magic Keyboard is much more expensive ($349 for 12.9 inch IPP) and is not yet available for pre-order, since it won’t be available until May,

  15. 2020 iPad Pro – snooze. Very little that doesn’t exist on the 2018 model once it’s running iOS 13.4 (a little faster, a second camera but not the full 3-camera array that the iPhone 11 Pro has). Nothing that will make me want to upgrade from my 12.9 inch 2018 iPad Pro. The new Magic Keyboard w trackpad – WOWSER! Can’t wait. Thank heavens it will work with the 2018 model!

  16. 8:19

    Blowing 10K tnt in Minecraft: you dare challenge me mortal?!!

  17. Creeper


  18. you put the smart keyboard folio in your bag…

  19. American public: oooo, the government is going to hand out 1,000 bucks to every adult.

    Apple: Oh thank god, the government is going to bail us out.

    Government: what? We're not bailing you out.

    Apple: releases IPAD

    Government: ohh that's what you mean…

  20. I’m so excited for the Microsoft surface pro 2020! I mean iPad

  21. I have the previous apple ipad pro, and I guarante you the onnly thing that will have changed with this new one is the 3 cameras and the keyboard

  22. Just to let you know that Paperlike does not offer free worldwide shipping (it may only be free for selected locations). . In fact, shipping to my address (Mauritius) costs more ($39) than the paper like screen protector ($34) itself.

  23. A real question – why I get IPhone with good camera, IPad Pro 12.9 (2018) and macbook…? If now just can get a new IPad Pro? 😂👌🏻

  24. I am only buying the iPad because of the keyboard

  25. Hey Chris, update your bag. The new Floating Keyboard aka Magic Keyboard will cost $349 for the 12.9 inch iPad Pro. The $199 price is the cost of the Smart Keyboard Folio that Apple introduced in 2018.

  26. Hey Chris, I know it's your job to get hyped up about new apple products. But LOOKS AMAZING might be pushing it. For all intents and purposes it's a minor upgrade. Ultrawide is cool but who takes photos on iPad. LIDAR is cool but are there tons of people using AR apps. The processor is a slightly buffed A12X. So I'm just wondering if the hype is justified.

  27. Can you back up your iPhone on it?

  28. Wait u got it before anyone else?

  29. Dang… 2k for an iPad… yikes! Where do I sign up? As my current iPad is ancient (4yrs old) I certain that I’m due for a replacement and this’ll fit the bill. And since my wife’s bday is real close, I’ll get her one too! Well that was easy…

  30. If I have the pro 10.5, should I get the new iPad or the 2018 model?

  31. 2020 new keyboard support old iPad Pro 2018

  32. Still don't get why apple not making iPad mini pro, it gonna be awesome!!!!!

  33. Why do Apple fans get so excited about things Microsoft has been doing for years "?

  34. When you have that much money to spend on an iPad…

  35. Can anyone with the 2018 iPad Pro tell me if it really bends? I was thinking of buying it but it scares me because my 7 years old brother could sit on it or just break it.

  36. In a world with so much suffering we spend our time dreaming about new technology. As the guy in the commercial says, "It's not right." Yes, we're all guilty.

  37. Trackpad, true, but they kept the fat finger cursor, wish the would move past that or give you a toggle. It made sense when it was an accessibility options, but now they are saying it's a legit interface.

  38. Does it have Dolby vision and hdr10

  39. CAMERA NOT FOR PHOTOS… Surely the ultra wide camera on the iPad is there, for AR… it’ll match much better to the 5m Lidar sensor? It’ll do pictures, of course, but think how it’ll be so much better the AR will be for close up stuff (as in within the 5m lidar range)

  40. Hey mate great video thanks for the informations! I'd like to ask if this new keyboard will be compatible with last generation ipad pro 2018-2019?Are there any news?Thank you!

  41. Hope they make a floating keyboard for the 2018 😩 I’m not holding my breath though 😭

  42. Magic keyboard looks amazing

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