The TRUTH About Idris Elba's Marriage

Idris Elba has had his fair share of women and was once labeled one the world’s most eligible bachelors. Many were convinced he would never settle down and …


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  1. His super fine azz can still get it.. Rona or not…..😍


  3. judging by history it wont last .

  4. Why all his wives look like accept my sister sabrina dowre current one 😳😳😳😳😳😳😳

  5. Hard to live with that virgo man…..believe that 😬….but I would try……she younger than him so maybe she can deal…hope they make it.

  6. Well I am very happy for him and his wife. I pray he truly found the one. I also send prayers he will be ok and healed Of this horrible Coronavirus and injunction that it does not pass to family and friends. In Jesus name I pray

  7. Dear Idris,

    It was love at 1st sight for all of us. You are a sight to see.


    Everyone with sight

  8. Hope he keep in it this is not a game❤

  9. Damn that’s a lot of wives and babies ( his or not)

  10. Glad he found love…congrats

  11. Sabrina use to have an Adams apple. If you pay close attention you'll notice it's trying to grow back… Just FYI

  12. I hope forced idris to het tested. As fine as he is…he gets around.

  13. So Idris has a type and is a pimp….who knew?

  14. Single life is the best life..No drama No heartache .. No fucked up mind..YES ' loneliness hits but it goes away .. Human beings should learn to be truly happy by themselves first without trying to find it with someone or something..

  15. He definitely has a type. They all favor… 😄

  16. Beautiful! Everyone deserves love and happiness!❤

  17. Sabrina Somali🇸🇴 beauty Queen🤍

  18. 🙏🏾👑🌹❤️👑😊👏🏾 the songs Like Love Is in the Air forever it's a good thing when a man chooses a wife receiving the better thing when a woman allows him to, 🙏🏾🌹

  19. I am definitely not hating on this English black guy. That's for sure but he is just average looking to me .I don't view him as a good look man or gorgeous .

  20. Idris sure loves him some lighties😂

  21. He needs to moisturize his skin. Like most Black Brits his skin looks awful.

  22. Marriage not his thing man need to stay single.

  23. She z beautiful ❤❤

  24. He's no Playboy. He goes hard for love every time and I'm sooooo here for it

  25. Here's the truth: she literally loves him more than life…

  26. Oh…. MY…. SWEET BABY JESUS 😍😍 he is fuckin STUNNING 😩❤️❤️🙌🏽
    His daughter is Gorgeous 🙌🏽😍🙌🏽

  27. I need to have his baby

  28. He doesn’t do dark skin women

  29. She’s pretty

  30. I'm Somali I'm so happY for my sister Sabrina , hore ysoco walal

  31. Somali queen Mashallaha😍😍

  32. God bless him and his wife. So happy for them. Two great humans and good looking, so proud of them❤️

    The Elbas👍🏾 she's the chosen one ladies, she is the chosen one ❤️

    I hope we all find our Prince 😘

  33. His relationships have failed over the years because he’s always put his career first. There was a point when he didn’t want people to know he was in a relationship because he felt it would affect his female fans. Who would want to always sitting in the back seat like that? Don’t get me wrong…I like him. He’s a fantastic actor, but in that particular industry, you need to have your priorities straight – personal and career wise.

  34. Divine Marriage

  35. If things don’t workout, call me Idris. 😉

  36. Chuups I dont want no advice from them……looking at their past fails, I think they NEED advice.

  37. I wish them the best.

  38. Omg there is hope for me

  39. Hope ur marriage last a life time Congratulations God bless u & ur wife blessings on ur healing from the virus

  40. He has beautiful children!

  41. I think he really wanted an African woman.

  42. Even though looks is not everything but he is fine 😊 lol / I'm happy he found some one that can handle him / a special woman can only handle a special man smooches 😘

  43. He never gave up…👍🏾

  44. He has a beautiful daughter!

  45. Black Love Rocks ❤️❤️💪

  46. sexiest man alive in 2018? really he is ok
    but nsm!💜

  47. Wow Somali girl are diamond 💎

  48. Praying for them many blessings🙏🙏🙏♥️

  49. My God, he married that ugly chick…..yuk!

  50. This dude is Tooo fine….love it

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