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"This is Not Goodbye" by Sidewalk Prophets (Lyrics)

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“This is Not Goodbye” by Sidewalk Prophets
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  1. My best friend when we are in 9th standard she passed away due to bone cancer and now my another friend due to breathing problem she too passed away gently nd I know I can't get them back and the person who merely loves nd cares us soo much without them life will be darkened though we have light I miss u both my girls u betrayed me ur care ur love no one can ever give me I miss y soo much😖😖😖😭😭😭😭

  2. I lost my grandpa yesterday. We weren't able to say our goodbye personally because of quarantine. I'm in so much pain right now 💔

  3. My papa passed away in a very traumatic car accident 3 years ago and I literally can’t explain in any words about how much I loved him he was my best friend he was my everything. It felt like he knew everything. It was like there was nothing he didn’t know but sadly when I lost him I lost me. I miss him so much the grief and the pain still hasn’t gone away I don’t think I’ll ever be ok with him being gone even if that means I’m being selfish because he lived 82 amazing years of life but it hurts so much to be without him

  4. I miss my Baby 😢😭

  5. Someone needs to make a slowed version of this songs

  6. I will miss my best friends this coming june 26 because its our last day and graduation

  7. My friend committed suicide yesterday night and I wasn’t able to do anything and Iam so sad and ashamed I wasn’t able to help he was dieing while I was in my room with my phone taken if only if I could of gotten my phone from my mom I could of just maybe could of saved his life he always made me LAUGHT he always knew how to cheer anyone up he was one of the only guys who accepted me for being gay for being me for being happy and know he is no longer with us and that kills me Inside Bec he always told me about how he was being bullied and I never payed attention to him and o regret that rip kaleb 😭💔

  8. I'm so so sorry to all who those family friends who died it's hard to accept it I know bc I lost my grandpa and grandma sister because of cancer I hope u will stay safe through this thought times and stay home so we can help the doctors and remember to keep smiling even is our families are dead they will always be in our side😭😊❤

  9. I lost my baby sister she was only a few weeks but I got attached and she was truly gone to soon !!😓

  10. 370….

  11. My only grandpa that I had passed away two weeks before my 20th Birthday on February 20 , 2020 I did not have a chance to tell him goodbye or to tell him that I loved him. That day was very sad and I was hurting a lot. RIP Grandpa February 20, 2020. ):😭❤️

  12. My great uncle passed due to covid today June 1, 2020 his purpose in life was fulfilled..but I wasn’t ready 😔

  13. Listening to this on the way to bury Grandpa 😭

  14. Lost a great friend yesterday. He was a great one.

  15. Today my aunt passed and it was a very hard to even say it, but all I can do is pray now.

  16. 😢😢😢😭😭😭🎈

  17. My brother died yesterday😥😭😭kuya manung I know this is a temporary goodbye only😭😭kuya manong it's so hard to accept na Wla kna ang hirap hirap tanggapin kac bigla2x nlang at kahit Malapit kmi sau Pero hindi ka namin makita at mahawakan😭😭😭😭

  18. My grandpap passed due to sickness and didnt get to say i love him😭😢😭😢

  19. My aunt passed away 2 days ago, and I am very sad because I didn't got a chance to see her for the last time because of this pandemic, and worst because a patient in the same room she was admitted is NCoV positive, and my cousins are monitored at this moment, hopefully they did not catch the virus. And because of that, my family cannot visit there. Today is her last day, but I can't go and see her for the very last time and I can't help myself to feel sad. I love her so much, she was like a real mom to me, she treated me like her son, love me like I came inside her. She calls me 'son' and I call her 'mama'. Ma, wherever you are right now, always remember how much I love you and you will always be here in my heart. Please continue to guide us here. I love you so much, and I'm sorry I was not there with you. I'm very sorry.

  20. I just lost my aunt to cancer ❤️she was my idol she never gave up and she brought joy to are lives I love ❤️ her so so so so much 👼❤️💕💞

  21. My best friend lost his battle to cancer last month and every night I cry myself to sleep,i miss him so much we are only 12 and I didn't get to say my last goodbyes I am genuinely heartbroken fly high my angel Darren 😭😇❤

  22. my husband died on May 26, 2020 so devastating for me so much, we still have manny plans, its so hard to accept because he is just 43 yrs old and were just 1yr and 5 months in married life. 😭😭😭

  23. I'm searching for a song for my grandfather's funeral coz he just passed away this morning due to COPD. My grandmother just passed away just months before him due to brain tumor. So your comments makes me more emotional. It's really hard esp. if they're the one who took care of you since you're a baby. I miss my papakay and mamaket.

  24. My mom passed away because of of cancer. I know she's in a better place now but I still miss her always.

  25. I am graduating next week from elementary school. Please send some love because we will be 9 hours away😭😢

  26. My grandma just died this midnight because of cancer😢😢

  27. So this time my kitten fighting for her last breath it's so painful to watch him slowly And The vet is close so I am sitting here by her side until She passed away I can feel her body is getting cold I think She has a few hours left

  28. This is a nice song

  29. I lost my dog today. RIP Tuffy my baby.

  30. My grandma died this morning from Dementia and idek if she remembered me but I love her so much and I hope she knew that❤️😭

  31. I’m already I’m only eight and I’ve lost like 80 people every time we hear is that song or somebody dying I always cry don’t know why

  32. My granpa got no blood this is the song we pick all cried because of the song

  33. My friend died in a bike crash this Friday morning 😭

  34. I lost myself

  35. We can fight on this together…💪💓

  36. My grandpa and nana died and I couldn’t say goodbye and that I love them . I know we’ll meet again. Goodbye and love . Rest in peace grandpa and nana

  37. There is always a beautiful place for the departed one.:) Atleast that motivates me.

  38. My big brother died just over a week ago. I miss him so much. He was just 22, and I’m 21. I’d give anything to spend just one more day with him.

  39. I remember my mom’s grandma and grandpa died before I was born and everybody I feel real sorry for all of you but remember we will see them again one day.

  40. Just lost my mom yesterday morning, it was so sudden. 😭 Never forget to tell your loved ones how much you love them cause you never know when they won't be there anymore.

  41. My friend passed away last week he was hit by a car RIP STUART fly high angel watch over ur family

  42. God bless everyone who has lost a loved one! ❤️🙏🏼❤️

  43. My grandpa die and this song is in my grandpa

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