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  1. Brad: hehe they won't bite me with that
    Random zombie: fall accidentally on him and give him the virus
    Brad: …

  2. Just imagine if the first zombie was actually dumb

  3. عراقي دايح يم الاجانب 😂

  4. this was a stupid movie

  5. The hoard of zombies when they found out that it was just Pepsi

    we've been tricked,backstabbed and quite possibly been bamboozled

  6. When someone find a cure for Coronavirus

  7. يلبييه ياافلممم 💙😭 .💙💙💙💙💙😭😭😭💙💙

  8. Weren't they barreling over each other? Why do they avoid avoid the people who are infected is this not in the books or is it explained in the books

  9. 1:37 if I was on this situation, vaccinated or not I would get heart attack lol

  10. do it in real live
    not in moves

  11. That's a Solanum Virus..

  12. How to survive a zombie apocalypse:
    1. Be sick

  13. If that shot thing still worked on me, I’d still be hella scared of the zombies

  14. So the un-vaccinated opened the door when zombies had just left the hallway.

  15. He wants to pass his silly cornhole

  16. This movie is about zombies that can run faster than you !

  17. Cool story bro

  18. Today's the world is fighting real war with corona

  19. Coronavirus

  20. Now that most of us have coronavirus in our bodies, we could survive in the movie just like him. Not everything are bad news after all..

  21. Dumb

  22. I'm waiting for the news headline that Brad Pitt gets Chinese bat flu virus.

  23. That's my uncle playing Brad Pitt in this movie! He also played Brad Pitt in MEET JOE BLACK.

  24. after coronavirus i believe this kind of things😥😥

  25. When you set creative mode

  26. the Zombies didn't eat Brad cause they were running to the vending machine tryna cop a Pepsi b4 they run out

  27. This is one of best directed movies of all time…very tough to showcase this type of situation…fantastic screenplay

  28. 1:14 sponsored by Pepis

  29. 1:14

    bepis product placement

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